Product Code: ICAL05_1702

Explaining Microstructural and Physical Variations in Rapid Additive Manufactured Waspaloy Parts Through the Laser-Deposition Thermal Cycle
Andrew Pinkerton, University of Manchester; Manchester UK
Waheed Syed, University of Manchester; Manchester Great Britain
Lin Li, The University of Manchester; Manchester Great Britain
Mallikarjun Karadge, University of Manchester; Manchester Great Britain
Presented at ICALEO 2005

Laser metal deposition has the potential to increase the material efficiency during the manufacture of superalloy aerospace components and also to reduce the need for welded joints to produce the necessary geometries. However, a possible problem is inconsistent microstructure, and therefore physical properties, in the deposited part. In this work, the factors that affect microstructure formation and evolution were examined in simple Waspaloy parts deposited using a high power diode laser and coaxial powder nozzle across a range of process parameters. Thermal imaging and embedded thermocouples were used to record the thermal cycle during deposition at different positions within the part and this is correlated with the wall characteristics, the solidification and the heat-affected microstructures formed. Results allow the extent of the variations in sample properties to be determined and indicate that dynamic variations in process parameters with geometry may be necessary for their control.

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