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Laser Strengthening of Air-Cooled Diesel Engine Phosphorus Cast Iron Cylinder Liner and the Tribological Characteristics
Minlin Zhong, Tsinghua University; Beijing China
Sanhuan Huang, Tsinghua University; Beijing China
Wenjin Liu, Tsinghua University; Beijing China
Presented at ICALEO 2005

This paper presents the research on laser hardening of phosphorus cast iron cylinder liner of air-cooled diesel engine. The microstructure, microhardness and tribological characteristics of the strengthened layers were investigated. The research results indicated that laser surface melting results in the disappearance of strengthening phase steadites, which deteriorates the property of the phosphorus cast iron. Transformation hardening can improve the property of steadite. In some processing conditions, the steadites on the surface remelt and crystallize into a fine structure, a binary steadite converts into a ternary steadite. Tribological tests showed that the reservation of the original steadite and the morphology of steadite after laser hardening have significant influences on the friction and wear properties of phosphorus cast iron cylinder liner.

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