Product Code: ICAL05_1301

Microstructure, Modeling and Measurements of Thermal History
Xinhua Wu, The University of Birmingham; Birmingham UK
Junfa Mei, The University of Birmingham; Birmingham UK
Laura Qian, The University of Birmingham; Birmingham UK
Presented at ICALEO 2005

A 2D axis-symmetric-transient finite element model for direct laser fabrication has been developed for predicting the temperature history of Direct Laser Fabricated (DLFed) Ti-6Al-4V thin wall samples. The effect of location, laser scanning speed and laser power on the variation of temperature with time have been modelled and compared with temperatures measured using thermocouples during laser fabrication. The microstructures of the laser fabricated Ti-6Al-4V have also been assessed systematically under a range of process conditions. The thermal history of the material has been correlated with the observed differences in the microstructures obtained at different positions within the samples under those processing conditions. It has been found that the predicted thermal histories are in good agreement with those obtained from measurement and the differences observed in microstructures are also consistent with those expected on the basis of the predicted thermal histories of the samples at given locations.

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