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Product Code: ICAL05_1101

Results on Process Engineering and Control of Single Crystal Blades Laser Repairing
Pascal Aubry, CEA Saclay; Gif-sur-Yvette, Cedex France
Thierry Malot, Gip Gerailp; Arcueil France
Presented at ICALEO 2005

This article presents our the results of the part of the European AWFORS Project related to single crystal blade repairing by laser cladding. First, we present the overview of the project and the aims related to single crystal blades. Thus, physical metallurgy considerations are presented. These elements related to the process modeling is followed by a process parameter search. The materials used are both single crystal superalloys CMSX2 and MC2. Once the parameters are relatively defined, a process control is set up in order to improve the stability of the process. A coaxial CMOS camera allows to register the images of the cladding process. The control system processes the image and compute a set of parameters needed to tune the process in line. The presentation ends with a presentation on repairing trial on real blades, taking into account the real geometry. This will evidence the possibility to make an epitaxial repair of this type of blades.

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