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Wave-Solid Interactions in Shock Induced Deformation Processes
Yajun Fan, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Youneng Wang, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Sinisa Vukelic, Columbia Univ.; New York NY USA
Y. Lawrence Yao, Columbia Univ.; New York NY USA
Presented at ICALEO 2005

A model was developed for material deformation processes induced by laser generated shock waves. They include laser shock peening (LSP) and laser peen forming (LPF) of metals. Numerical solutions of the model using finite element method (FEM) were implemented in two steps: (1) explicit step, devoted to shock wave propagation; and (2) implicit step, calculating relaxation of material. A series of LSP and LPF experiments were conducted to validate the model. The residual stress measurements by synchrotron X-ray diffraction and deformation measurements by profilometry showed that the experimental and numerical results were in good agreement. An important aspect of the work is that the numerical results were further analytically explored to gain improved understanding of wave-solid interaction including shock wave attenuation and shock velocity variation.

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