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ISBN# 978-0-912035-59-8
Volume: 102

Congress General Chair: Xinbing Liu, Panasonic Boston Laboratory, Cambridge, MA USA

The 28th International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO) 2009 Congress Proceedings includes all submitted papers for three conferences on Laser Materials Processing, Laser Microprocessing, and Nanomanufacturing. This CD also includes papers from the Plenary Session on Frontiers and Challenges for the Green Economy and new to this year the Closing Plenary which focused on Microprocessing Applications in Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

The Laser Materials Processing Conference covered sessions for all industries on topics such as Hybrid Welding, Surface Modification, Laser Systems and Optics, Welding Lite Metals and Dissimilar Materials, Cutting, Welding Systems and Process Improvements, Additive Manufacturing, Machining, Process Modeling, Drilling and more.

The Laser Microprocessing Conference continued its reputation as the global forum for scientists and engineers discussing the fabrication of parts and components and; processing of materials with micrometer sized dimensions and precision by various lasers. This session covered topics such as Advanced Laser Sources and Systems, Pulse-shpe and Burst-train Control of Laser Interaction, Microstructuring and Dicing of Brittle Material, Biomedical Applications, Laser Machining, Laser Micro Welding, Laser Microprocessing of Funtional Devices, Additive Manufacturing of small components, Solar-cell Production and more.

The Nanomanufacturing Session focused on optical technologies in 2009 and covered topics on Near-field Processing, Nanoprocessing and Nanoparticle Fabrication, Laser Growth and Interaction with Nanostructures and more.

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