Precision Laser Scanning

Company Member since June 01, 2017
We specialize in high speed polygon scanners for material processing with USP and high power lasers. Our new raster scan controller will sync polygon and galvo scanners for easy implementation of high speed cleaning or surface treatment. We are experts in Polygon Scan Head technology supplying knowhow and related optics.
25750 N 82nd St

Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
United States
Telephone: 1-480-515-1643

Principle Applications: Material processing, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, inspection, and LIDAR

Services Offered: At Precision Laser Scanning, you will find products and information on laser scanning. We are experts in polygon mirrors and polygon scanners. Other laser scanning products include: Top quality F-Theta lenses; Beam shaping for Top Hat or Donut profile; Beam expanders; Hollow shaft scanners; Off-axis parabolic mirrors; Voice coil actuators.

Principle Markets Served: Manufacturing, engineering, autonomous vehicles

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