LAM 2018 Program*

Conference General Chair: Milan Brandt, RMIT UniversityConference Co-chairs: Minlin Zhong, Tsinghua University | John Hunter, LPW Technology, Inc.

Tuesday, March 27
8:00 AMWelcomeLIA
Session 1: Policy and Technology I | Chair: Milan Brandt, RMIT
8:15 AMKeynote – Presentation 1: Smart Collaboration: A Public-Private Approach to Advancing the Additive Manufacturing IndustryRob Gorham, America Makes, National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining
9:00 AMPresentation 2: GE Additive: Accelerating Metal Additive Manufacturing Brian Thompson, GE Additive
9:30 AMPresentation 3: Wire vs. Powder in LMDJana Kelbassa, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT
10:00 AMMorning Break - Sponsored by LPW Techology, Inc.
Session 2: Applications I | Chair: Christoph Leyens, TU Dresden and Fraunhofer IWS
10:30 AMKeynote – Presentation 4: Laser Additive Manufacturing: Core Power to Promote Traditional Manufacturing AbilityXiaoyan Zeng, Huazhong University of Science & Technology
11:15 AMPresentation 5: Recent Advances in Laser CladdingPrabu Balu, Coherent Inc.
11:45 AMPresentation 6: High Power Diode Lasers and Innovative Industrial ApplicationOleg Raykis, Laserline Inc.
12:15 PMLunch Buffet
Session 3: Materials and Modelling | Chair: Markus Kogel-Hollacher, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
1:30 PMPresentation 7: Developing Process Windows for Laser Powder Bed FusionJames Sears, Carpenter Technology Corporation
2:00 PMPresentation 8: Managing Ti6-4 Powder Degradation Over Multiple Build CyclesJohn Hunter, LPW Technology, Inc.
2:30 PMPresentation 9: CFD Modelling for Additive Manufacturing and Laser WeldingParee Allu, Flow Science
3:00 PMAfternoon Break
Session 4: Process Monitoring | Chair: Thierry Marchione, Caterpillar North America
3:30 PMPresentation 10: Sensor Technologies Supporting Additive Manufacturing Processes – Promising and Established SolutionsMarkus Kogel-Hollacher, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
4:00 PMPresentation 11: Laser-based Manufacturing; Novel Developments in Process Monitoring at NISTJohn Lehman, NIST
4:30 PMPresentation 12: Quality Assurance Systems for Powder Bed Fusion and DED - Concepts and SolutionsThomas Grünberger, PLASMO USA LLC
Wednesday, March 28
8:00 AMWelcomeLIA
Session 5: Policy and Technology II | Chair: Minlin Zhong, Tsinghua University
8:15 AMKeynote – Presentation 13: National Additive Manufacturing Initiatives in Canada: Overview of Ongoing Laser-based Additive Manufacturing ProjectsEhsan Toyserkani, University of Waterloo
9:00 AMPresentation 14: Successes and Challenges of LMD and SLM for Industrial ProductionChristoph Leyens, TU Dresden and Fraunhofer IWS
9:30 AMPresentation 15: DED Based Hybrid Systems and ApplicationsJim Cann, Optomec
10:00 AMMorning Break - Sponsored by TRUMPF, Inc.
Session 6: Applications II | Chair: John Hunter, LPW Technology, Inc.
10:30 AMPresentation 16: Integrated AM Quality AssuranceJohannes Henrich Schleifenbaum, RWTH Aachen University / Fraunhofer ILT
11:00 AMPresentation 17: Impacting Product Development and Support through Additive ManufacturingThierry Marchione, Caterpillar, Inc.
11:30 AMPresentation 18: Beyond the Hype; Growing a Metal AM IndustryWarwick Downing, Rapid Advanced Manufacturing Limited (RAM3D)
12:00 PMLunch on LME Show Floor
Session 7: Standards and Training | Chair: John Hunter, LPW Technology, Inc.
2:00 PMPresentation 19: Amplifying Additive Manufacturing Standardization: Role of R&D CommunityMohsen Seifi, ASTM International
2:30 PMPresentation 20: Safe Operation of Selective Laser Melting Tools with Respect to Gas CleaningStefan Jakschik, ULT AG
3:00 PMPresentation 21: Superior Materials Properties Achieved through Laser Additive ManufacturingYouping Gao, Castheon Inc.
3:30 PMPresentation 22: LAM Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator: Milan Brandt, RMIT
Panelist: Warwick Downing, Rapid Advanced Manufacturing Limited (RAM3D)
Panelist: Mohsen Seifi, ASTM International
Panelist: Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum, RWTH Aachen University / Fraunhofer ILT
Panelist: Ehsan Toyserkani, University of Waterloo
Panelist: James Sears, Carpenter Technology Corp.
Panel Discussion
4:00 PMLME Exhibition and Reception - LME Show Floor

*Program subject to minor changes