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Stan Ream

ICALEO® 2019 is the epicenter of all things photonics materials processing. The conference has five unique tracks with significant focus on innovative and novel uses of lasers and photonics. This year decision makers from around the world will gather in Orlando, Florida to discuss the impact photonics materials processing has on the industries of Aerospace, Biomedical, Microelectronics, and Automotive. The location was chosen to be close to the Laser Institute of America’s home office, which last year celebrated 50 years of service to the laser safety and applications communities.

The newly formatted ICALEO Technical Conference and Workshops will feature five conference tracks consisting of Laser Additive Manufacturing, Laser Material Macroprocessing, Laser Material Microprocessing, Laser Nanomanufacturing, and Battery Systems and Energy Conversion. Each day of the conference will be dedicated to one industry sector, where speakers will discuss how innovative and novel laser applications push the envelope of modern technology and elevate theses key industries to new levels of accuracy, efficiency, and speed. At ICALEO 2019, the engineers and materials processing experts will discover new processing techniques, acquire new skills and make lasting connections to ensure their organization is refreshed and on the leading-edge of productivity. Come join us, and rub shoulders with laser professionals from throughout the world as we help confront your biggest challenges.

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Technical Conference - Track Chairs


Edward W. Reutzel, Ph.D.
Edward W. Reutzel, Ph.D. launch Pennsylvania State University


Robert Mueller, Ph.D., CLSO
Robert Mueller, Ph.D., CLSO launch Massiv Automated Systems



Ya Cheng, Ph.D.
Ya Cheng, Ph.D. launch Shanghai Inst. Optics and Fine Mechanics