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Welcome to the 38th Annual ICALEO!

Executive Conference Chair

Jyoti Mazumder, Ph.D.
Jyoti Mazumder, Ph.D. launch
University of Michigan

General Conference Chair

Aravinda Kar, Ph.D.
Aravinda Kar, Ph.D.launch
CREOL: University of Central Florida

Focusing on the advanced uses of industrial lasers, last year’s ICALEO attracted a record-breaking number of attendees from twenty-three countries. This year, LIA has modified its conference format to enhance the attendee experience and improve ROI for sponsors and exhibitors. ICALEO 2019 will feature 4 industry-specific conferences that will become the core focus of each day: Aerospace, Biomedical, Microelectronics, and Automotive. The improved conference structure will build on the traditions of the technical conference while driving commercial value for sponsors and exhibitors. Additionally, LIA will actively support the development of its sponsor and member networks before, during and after the event.

Each of the industry foci will have its own business and technical plenary session, tradeshow focus, business conference, and Evening of Innovation Reception. The ICALEO Technical Conference and its workshops will be subdivided into five technical tracks: LAM, Battery Systems and Energy Conversion, Micro, Macro, and Nano. These tracks will accentuate laser technology advancements within the 4 covered industries.

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Plenary Speakers


Peter Boeijink
Peter Boeijink


Ing. Arnold Gillner, Ph.D.
Ing. Arnold Gillner, Ph.D.
Fraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology (ILT)


Kumar Patel
Kumar Patel
Pranalytica, Inc.


Valentin P. Gapontsev
Valentin P. Gapontsev
IPG Photonics