DigiFab Con

DigiFab Con, produced by Fab Lab Hub, will be a co-located conference with the Lasers for Manufacturing Event® (LME®). This program will explore how digital fabrication, like 3D Printing, laser cutting and CAD design, is changing the world. Attendees will see exciting technologies like 3D Printing, laser cutting, robotics and artificial intelligence, and have the opportunity to meet with the visionaries, educators and innovators.

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Program Information

Visionaries and innovators will lead a program full of new, proven ideas for anyone who wants to revolutionize K - 12 education, workforce training, higher education, manufacturing, startup creation, inner city sustainability, and community empowerment.

DigiFab Con Program

Who should attend:

  • Inventors looking to work with the latest innovations in equipment, software and processes
  • Job seekers wanting to learn more about the Future of Work and how to qualify for New Collar Jobs
  • K - 12 and post-secondary educators who need to know what to do with machines like 3D Printers that are being donated to their schools
  • Manufacturers who are wondering how new technologies like 3D Printing and Generative Design fit in with traditional tools on the factory floor
  • HR professionals and hiring managers who need to bring in a digital workforce
  • School administrators who want to keep curriculum current
  • Anyone who is curious about how Digital Fabrication tools can change their world

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