A Technical and Commercial Comparison of Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser Cutting

By John Powell, Alexander Kaplan Since the advent of commercial fiber and disk laser cutting machines, there has been a lot of controversy about the performance of these devices – […]

Investigations in Remote Cutting of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

By: Annett Klotzbach

Fraunhofer IWS

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) are increasingly applied in the aircraft industry as well as the automobile industry. The main reason is the highly mechanical […]

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CO2 Laser Cutting of Flexible Glass Substrates

By: Xinghua Li and Sean Garner Ultra-slim flexible glass substrates have many potential applications, spanning from photovoltaics to e-paper to touch sensors. Previously, these applications generally incorporated glass substrates in […]

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A Study on Laser Cutting of Textiles

By: Dr. Nukman bin Yusoff Laser cutting technology is a non-conventional machining which being used widely in many industries. However, the application of this technology in textile industry is still […]

Fiber Laser Blanking of Coil Strips at Extreme-Speed Extreme-Power

By: Dr. Charles Caristan and Jay Finn Air Liquide Industrial US LP, Automatic Feed Company The blanking process consisting of cutting flat panels directly out of a metal coil is […]

Leading Technology for the Customer’s Benefit – Laser Processing Heads for Welding and Cutting

By: Dr. Markus Kogel-Hollacher For decades Precitec has been the leading manufacturer of processing heads suitable for all laser sources including fiber lasers, disc lasers, CO2 lasers, diode lasers, Nd:YAG […]


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